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        Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.
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        Suihua Wuxiao Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Suihua Wuxiao Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in November 2004, is a subsidiary of Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.. The company has independent legal personality and a registered capital of RMB10.61 million. Wuxiao Electric Power Equipment has six departments—Sales, Finance, Procurement, Technology, Production, and Quality Inspection, over 400 staffs, including 3 technical engineers and 4 technical staffs, all of them have more than three years of experience in working with the technology department in wind power tower industry. The company specializes in the manufacturing of wind power tower frames, metal structures, and power transmission, distribution and control equipments, as well as metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing.
        The company now has three advanced complete wind tower production lines, with an annual production capacity of over 400 sets. The workshops cover a total area of about 114,000 square meters. It has two independent painting and sandblasting workshops. The production and testing equipment are advanced and sophisticated. In design, the company has widely applied computer-aided design and owns currently advanced hardware system, aided design, and computer lofting software. In production, the company connects three-dimensional lofting software with computer production line, and synchronizes lofting and production, in order to reduce intermediate links and increase dimensional accuracy of products. The company also owns CNC sheet production line, CNC (flame, plasma) automatic cutting machine, automatic welding production line, automatic submerged arc welder, gas protection automatic welder, and other various hand welders. In detection, the company has laser light plane detectors, X-ray and ultrasound detectors, theodolites and other advanced detection equipment.
        Since the establishment, the company has successfully produced a total of more than 600 sets of tower frames for many famous wind turbine manufacturers, including Vestas, Nordex, Gamesa, Dalian Sinovel, Dongfang Turbine, and Golden Phoenix. These products have been installed and debugged in large and middle sized domestic wind farms, and are all operating well. At present, the company possesses qualified tower production main materials and excellent supply channel of main purchased parts. Its suppliers are large well-known sheets, flanges and purchased parts manufacturers both at home and abroad. The sheets are all purchased from Wuyang Iron & Steel, Shougang Group, Anyang Iron & Steel, and Tianjin Iron & Steel, etc. The flanges are purchased from well-known forging flange enterprises both at home and abroad.
        Adhering to the quality principle of "making customers more satisfied", our company sincerely welcomes leaders and experts of all fields to our plant for inspection and guidance. We will win your trust with first-class quality and service.

        Add:Suihua Industrial Development Zone, Heilongjiang (South to Harbin-Yichun Road), China