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        Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd.
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        Qingdao Wuxiao Pipe Making Co., Ltd.

        Qingdao Wuxiao Pipe Making Co., Ltd. was established in July,2002. It is the largest professional manufacturer of steel pipes in China currently, covers an area of 50,000 square meters and employs more than 300 staffs. Its main products include large-diameter straight-seam thick-walled steel pipes for various purposes, high-voltage transmission pipes, all types of substation towers, large TV towers and large span steel structures, annual production capacity can reach 60thousand tons.
        The company has introduced Germany pipe making technology and process equipment, and owns the production line of longitudinal welded pipes with the thickest wall and largest diameter in China at the moment. Available specifications for steel pipes include: pipes made of various materials with a length of 12,300mm, diameter of 406-2,600mm, and wall thickness of 100mm below. The welding seam adopts multi-wire double-side automatic submerged arc welding, which ensures the production efficiency, quality of welding seams and the quality of steel pipe molding. Since the launch of production, the company has provided: Boiler bracket pipes for Dezhou Power Plant and Huangdao Power Plant, etc.; Structure pipes for Wuhan Olympic Sports Center, Yellow River No.2 Bridge and Capital Airport, etc.; And a large quantity of equipment pipes for Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Machinery and domestic plastics machinery and paper making machinery industries. Our equipment has the advantages of producing LSAW with long length, thick wall and large diameter, then can effectively reduce the presence of circular welding seams in structural steel pipes.
        Our company implements modern management. The whole production process adopts digital management mode offering real-time quality monitoring. Advanced equipments, high quality operating staffs and quality control & management modes in accordance with API standard and ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, these all ensured the supply of a variety of high quality steel pipe products for users.
        We are committed to creating international leading level, and striving to make greater contribution to Chinese steel pipe industry. Wuxiao Company is willing to actively seek common development with partners from all walks of life with many years of pipe making experience, excellent quality and prominent market reputation. Honest, pragmatic, efficient and innovative Wuxiao is willing to make progress together with friends from all walks of life and create resplendence!

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