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        Vanadium Battery

        Vanadium Redox flow Battery


        1. Features

        1.1 Environmental Protection: VRB is a new and efficient green secondary battery, it can not give rise to bad substances which will be harmful to humans and the environment during the processes of production and use, and will be friendly to environment;
        1.2 Longevous: Wuxiao VRB using perfluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membrane, positive and negative electrolytes with a unique formula and a high stability of the electrode after special treatment, which can ensure the battery with a long period of storage, long shelf life, long performance life, high reliability, and lower operation and maintenance costs;

        1.3 Customizable: The rated power and rated energy of VRB are independent, the watt level depends on the cell stack, which can be customized independently; the capacity level depends on the volume and concentration of electrolyte, the capacity of battery can be adjusted optionally by adjusting eletrolyte capacity during use, and the external form can also be customized wilfully according to the actual space;

        1.4 Reliable: During charging and discharging, the internal of VRB battery only occurs the conversion reaction of liquid phase among the ions with different valences, unlike conventional batteries with solid phase reactions which can cuase complex current interruption or short-circuit of the battery or active material deterioration etc., so the VRB is more reliable and safer to use;
        1.5 Efficient: VRB has quickly electrochemical reaction, can be fast charged and discharged with high current density, and the vanadium battery has the similar structural characteristics with the fuel cell, its reaction galvanic pile and the electrolyte storage trough body are independent, can achieve the instantaneout energy supplement by replacing the electrolyte; the VRB can achieve the real sense of deep discharge, the electrochemical reaction of the vanadium battery is liquid-phase reaction, can circularly be 100% charged and discharged without affecting battery performance.

        2. Perfluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membrane

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